Regal Development Program

Eligible Princesses are invited to apply to the Regal Development Program (formerly Coronation Program) after 1 year serving as Princess. Upon completion of the program, new Queens will be coronated during Winter Solstice Week and honored at the Winter Solstice Ball on December 21.

This program is geared to position you to be a community leader, entrepreneur and positive example in your own style and gifts. Learn how to use your special unique traits to help others while honing your skills as we prepare for your regal life with philanthropy opportunities as well as poise and etiquette training.


Program Admission

Admissions Requirements

The Regal Development Program (Formally Coronation Program) is geared to position you to be a community leader, entrepreneur and positive example in your own style and gifts. It is a rigorous program and completion is an honor only bestowed on those who commit to doing the work. Requirements for admissions are as follows:

  • Graduation from an IAOSI Accredited College
  • 1 Year as a Princess in The Golden Empire
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation From a Queen or Empress
  • Letter of Intent
  • Completed Application

Program Graduation Requirements

  • Creation of a Non Profit/Foundation with Website – October 1st
  • Hosting 1 Philanthropic Event – November 15th
  • Hosting 1 Community Event – November 1st
  • Hosting 1 Educational Workshop – November 15th
  • Business/Networking Card (Printed & Completed) – November 1st
  • Attendance at 1 Fine Dining Experience- November 31st
  • Attendance at 1 Fine Art Experience – November 31st

Incoming queens are also required to serve on a planning committee for the Winter Solstice Ball where they will be presented to the community. Additionally the program is may be a large financial undertaking for some. Please ensure that you are financially prepared so that you may thrive while completing the program.

Associated Costs:

  • Program Fees $1500 (Courses, White Ballgown & Pearl Diadem, Ball Production, Winter Solstice Week Events)
  • Travel & Lodging during Winter Solstice Week in Pensacola, Florida
  • Fine Dining Experiences ($250+ depending on restaurant)
  • Fine Art Tickets ($85-$150 each)
  • Formal Wear for Events and Balls
  • Filing Fees for Business & Non Profit Formations ($75-$350 depending on the State)
  • Technology Such as Web Development, Booking Software, Book Keeping, Legal Fees for Business Development ect.

Program Courses

Coronation classes are held Tuesday nights at 6pm CST September – November to prepare for the Winter Solstice season as well as Mardi Gras upcoming events. Classes are held virtually and live attendance is required.


Advanced Regal Representation

Non- Profit Development


Fine Arts & Dining Experiences

Boundary Setting

November :

Leadership & Mentoring Skills

Event Planning



Are you looking to transform into the woman you always knew you would become?


Looking For A Place To Refine?

The Krewe of The Golden Empire is an organization that inspires, empowers, and recognizes the beauty and value of noble women. Our commitment to personal development, community service, and philanthropy is the core of our existence.

The Golden Empire raises funding for charities such as The St. Matthews Clinic and St. Matthews College. The Krewe has also maintains several other programs such as the Duchess Dates, exposing young girls to the ballet , opera and symphony, as well as Branding Queens, which provides education, training, and job opportunities in marketing for victims of domestic violence.

Join The Golden Empire and Begin Your Journey

  • Attend 4 Parades and 3 Balls Throughout The Year
  • Become Royalty Through Our Coronation Program
  • Serve Your Community With A Sisterhood
  • Social High Teas and Dinner Parties for Members
  • Enjoy Mardi Gras Season as Royalty