2022-2023 COURT


2022-23 Royal Court

Our Royal Court Provides Structure and Guidance To Our Organization Through Service.

Empress | Director

Empress Myishola Matthews is a philanthropist, community leader, and metaphysical guide who has made a significant impact in the field of non-profit work for many years. She is a champion of women’s empowerment, creating many programs that have helped women around the world gain independence through entrepreneurship and the development of their unique talents.

Director of Health

Empress Kreshonda Armstrong is the Headmistress of Ms. Shonda’s Finishing School for the Remarkable, an online refinement academy that allows young ladies to unlock their full potential to amplify their communication, connection and confidence so they can make an influential impact on the world.

Queen Azari Jackson

Queen Azari : Director of Elderly Care

Queen Azari Jackson is a wellness and beauty formulation specialist of Jax Hygieia, Inc., who helps businesses who are having difficulty creating stable, shelf-ready, products to develop custom formulas, by using a combination of biotechnology and natural herbs to craft, test, and customize formulas with ease

Queen Cierra : Director of Regal Development

Queen Cierra Craig is a Dating & Intimacy coach who guides millennial women between ages 25-45 who lack confidence in the bedroom, dating and full self expression to have a wonderful fulfilling lifestyle of sexual health and wellness. Cierra states and lives by the belief, “She who heals herself, heals the people around her” and is thrilled to empower other women. 

Queen Marissa : Director of Outreach & Engagement

Queen Marissa Jackson is a Herbologist that specializes in herbology, anthropology and medicine. Her herbal blends and home remedies promotes health and wellness.Marissa stands firm on principles of unity. She promotes her herbal blends and home remedies to Unite local and surrounding communities.