Outreach Programs


Tea By The Sea

Free Mental Health Workshops

Discover serenity and balance with Tea by the Sea, an innovative community outreach program designed to support mental well-being through engaging mindfulness workshops. Set amid stunning coastal surroundings, our holistic sessions incorporate the calming practice of tea rituals and the power of nature to encourage self-reflection and foster deep connections. Join us as we journey together towards improved mental health and well-being by embracing the wisdom of mindfulness in a calming seaside setting. Experience tranquility unlike ever before with Tea by the Sea, cultivating inner peace and forging lasting friendships. Your path to a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life starts here.

Planting With A Purpose

Free Herbal Education Workshops

Introducing Planting with Purpose, a community-driven initiative empowering individuals to take control of their nutritional health through hands-on gardening and herbal education. Our mission is to make wholesome, plant-based nutrition accessible to all by providing free, interactive workshops designed to teach sustainable gardening techniques and the benefits of growing your own local, nutrient-rich food. Together, we nurture a deeper understanding of the incredible healing properties of plants and herbs, fostering a lifelong appreciation for nature’s remarkable ability to nourish and sustain us. Connect with like-minded individuals, cultivate nutritional self-sufficiency, and grow healthier, greener communities one seed at a time. Join us at Planting with Purpose – where we sow the seeds for a brighter, more nourished future.

Duchess Dates

Youth Enrichment & Development

Welcome to Duchess Dates, an enchanting community outreach program that aims to inspire and empower young girls by providing them with free fine arts and fine dining experiences. Our mission is to foster a world of creativity, self-confidence, and appreciation for life’s finer moments. Through curated events, these budding princesses are introduced to the transformative power of artistic expression and the magic of gourmet cuisine, all while building strong connections with fellow participants. Join Duchess Dates and give your little girl the unforgettable gift of a lifetime, where she can explore her endless potential and cultivate her innate elegance, grace, and sophistication. Let’s elevate the enchantment and empower the next generation of young women, one remarkable Duchess Date at a time.

Branding Queens

Youth Entrepreneurship

Branding Queens is an youth entrepreneurship & mentoring program that helps underserved children turn their business dreams to reality. From business plan, to product development, to the selling and branding of their business inspiring local youth to be apart of the economy and make change.

There is a need for a place where young girls are encouraged to take charge. Pairing girls with female business owner mentors affirm to them that they too can own their own business. At the conclusion of the program the girls have learned to persevere, speak up, make executive decisions and most importantly make their own money.